Astronomy Club of Tulsa Member Privileges

All Members of The Astronomy Club of Tulsa are offered the following:

  • ACT monthly newsletter, The Observer.
  • Membership to the Astronomical League including their quarterly magazine:
    The Reflector. (Optional AL membership is available for students or family members at additional cost)
  • Opportunity to work toward and apply for observing certificates through the Astronomical League.
  • Discounts on the magazines: Astronomy and/or Sky and Telescope. Contact our Treasurer for pricing and arrangements.
  • Voting rights on Election of Board Members, major purchases, or changes to the by-laws.
  • Additional Opportunities at the observatory including monthly Members Only Observing Nights.
  • Volunteer Opportunities including membership in NASA’s Night Sky Network. To get the full effect of an ACT membership, you will want to volunteer with fellow club members. There are many opportunities, so request to be on the volunteer list for groups or for public observing nights.
  • Explore the following links to find out more:

Starting your Second year as a member of ACT

After you have been a member for one year, you will want to renew and receive the following additional opportunities:

  • Run for an ACT elected position. Let the current ACT Secretary know you are interested in an elected position.
  • Choose to submit a request form to receive a key to the ACT Observatory. Once the request form has been submitted, the ACT Board will include your request at the next Board Meeting.

Customary Events for ACT

Event Tentative schedule (Watch for club calendar each January)
Monthly Public Meetings – w/guest speaker Sept through May at Jenks Planetarium
Monthly Public Star Party- ACT Obs Each Month weather permitting
Monthly Members only Star Party- ACT Obs Each Month weather permitting
Group Events as scheduled See Outreach Director
Sidewalk Astronomy at Bass Pro Usually Saturday closes to 2nd Q Moon
Members Appreciation Picnic once a year Scheduled by ACT Board
Annual Business Meeting – w/ Elections October
Annual Dinner Meeting November
Occasional Special Events – sometimes for the public As Astronomy related Phenomena occurs

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