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The Learning Center is a place for someone to learn about astronomy.  The information will help you with different topics in astronomy such as learning the constellations, phases of the moon, and much more. There is also projects that anyone can do for school or just for fun.

Lesson 1

This lesson will teach you how to learn the names of the constellations and where they are in the sky. I did this when I was 11 years old and it worked very well. Today I still know the names of many bright stars and constellations and know exactly where they are anytime during the day or night throughout the year. There is also a project that you can do with this lesson.


Lesson 2

This lesson talks about the phases of the moon and why we see them the way we do here on earth See photos of the moon in different phases as well as an animation. The Java Applet included with this lesson will show you the lunar phases as the moon orbits the earth. You can also set any day during the moons orbit around the earth to see its phase. There is also a simple project that you can do with this lesson.

Phases of the Moon

Lesson 3

This lesson talks about the planets in the sky. You will learn what a conjunction and opposition is, where to see the planets in the sky, and what retrograding means. There is also a simple project that kids can do for a school project with this lesson.

The Planets

Lesson 4

This lesson will cover our four seasons and what causes them. You will learn about the earth's tilt on its axis, about the different temperature zones, and how the sun travels along the ecliptic. There is also a simple project that anyone can do with this lesson that will give you a good understanding about the seasons.

The Seasons

Lesson 5

This lesson will cover the basic information about telescopes and navigating the sky. This lesson was written by Mr. John Land, who has taught astronomy for over 20 years at Broken Arrow Senior High School in Broken Arrow, OK and is an active amateur astronomer with the Astronomy Club of Tulsa.


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