Our Observatory

ACT Observatory in Mounds, OK.

The observatory is located about 30 minutes from Tulsa. For directions on how to reach our facility, send an inquiry to the Observatory Director The club has its monthly star party on the Friday night closest to the new moon. There is usually someone there. Here are some rules to follow when coming up at night:

If you are arriving after total darkness, approximately 1 hour 15 min after sunset please follow these instructions because someone might be doing Astrophotography or CCD imaging. It takes about 40 minutes to over an hour to get one good photograph of a deep sky object, it only takes a second of white light to destroy that same picture.  It takes about 30 minutes for a persons eyes to become totally dark adapted; it only takes about 5 seconds of bright white light for a person to completely loose their dark eye adaptation.

As soon as you see the Observatory, switch to low beams and slow down to about 3 or 4 miles per hour as you approach the gate that enters the ACT Observatory property.

Please remember, we all came this far out in the country just to have dark skies and no white lights, so please be mindful of the lights. Watch out for your dome light when you open your car door! Unplug the fuse to the dome light if necessary. Dark red flashlights are permitted. Cover the lens with a deep red filter.

We hope you enjoy your visit at the ACT Observatory!

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