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Each month we try to schedule observing opportunities at our dark sky site SW of Tulsa.   We schedule a Guest and Members Night the weekend near the 3rd quarter moon.  Our Members Only Night occurs on the weekend nearest the New Moon, allowing our members to have time to work on observing projects and exchange ideas with each other.   Scroll down to see the schedule of coming events.

During the school term we also have monthly In Person club meetings at the Jenks High School planetarium.  

Wanting to get away from the glow of city lights and enjoy some stargazing?

We invite you to make a visit to our Observatory  located in darker skies

 SW of Tulsa.  Scroll down to see directions and details on coming events or visit our 

Events Section

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What’s Up in Tonight’s Sky   has videos and images of noted sky events for the month as well as evening and morning sky maps

Printable Night Sky map of the Month  in English or Spanish

 Upcoming events -   

Event Details and Directions in the Events Section below or scroll down the page.

Observatory Stargazing and Telescope nights

Members Night 

  Friday June 7  8:15 PM at the observatory

  See Directions and Details at

  Members Observing Night Friday June 7, 2024 – 8:15 PM (astrotulsa.com)  

Guest and Members Night

   Friday June 28  8:15  at the observatory

   See Directions and Details at

   Guest and Members Night Friday June 28 – 8:15 PM (astrotulsa.com) 


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