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June 16 - Members Only Observing Night

Begins : Friday, June 16, 2023 at 8:15 PM Central Standard Time

Ends : Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 1:15 AM Central Standard Time

Duration : 5 hours

We try reserve Observatory nights nearest the New Moon to our CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY. This allows our members to work on their various observing projects, share ideas and help each other with their goals. The gates will open at 8:00 PM. NOTE: The sun sets at 8:23 PM

 If Friday's session is cancelled due to weather, we may try to be open on Saturday if weather conditions improve.   Check website for updates.

Come enjoy a warm summer night searching for hidden treasures in the night sky.  Venus and Mars can be seen close together in the west traversing the dim constellation of Cancer - the Crab.  Venus is brilliant white while Mars is much dimmer with an orangish hue.  Venus skims along the edge of the Beehive star cluster the nights of June 12 & 13


As a member you can bring family members or a friend that wants to observe with you but no large groups. Please keep minor family members within your observing area with a supervising adult.

 To develop your observing skills, you may want to consider trying to earn one of the over 40 well designed observing certificates from the Astronomical League. Check out some of their
 Observing Programs

If you are not currently a member you may try one of our RSVP guest nights or you can easily join. Simply go to the JOIN section on our website. Submit the forms online or mail in your membership dues. Click here to Join our Club
You can print off your application or image it as proof of new membership.



ACT OBSERVATORY directions -  Follow our map directions  DO NOT USE GPS

MOSTLY PAVED ROADS – Hwy 75 to 201st St S – through Mounds OK

Most DIRECT ROUTE – Hwy 75 to 241st St S – some coarse gravel & dirt ro