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Guest and Members night Friday August 23 - 7:15 PM

Begins : Friday, August 23, 2024 at 7:15 PM Central Standard Time

Ends : Friday, August 23, 2024 at 11:00 PM Central Standard Time

Duration : 3 hours 45 minutes

You are invited to join us Friday August  23 at 7:15 PM for our Guests and Members observing night at our observatory. Weather permitting, we will have several telescopes set up for you to enjoy the stars, galaxies, and other treasures of the night sky.  Some of our members will have telescope outside for viewing.  You will also have an opportunity to visit the telescope in our observatory dome. When approaching a telescope ask the owner if they are willing to share the views.


Parking is available on the lot in front of the large building to our east.


Come enjoy a night under the stars in our darker rural skies.  The temperatures are also often cooler than in town.  Warmer weather has invigorated our insect “friends”.    Please apply insect repellents away from the telescope areas.  Also, it is not recommended to lay on the ground even with a blanket.  We have chairs in the classroom, or you can bring your own lawn chairs.  You may also like to bring a snack and something to drink.  Please keep children with your group.  Younger children may enjoy a quiet activity of their own.   Please leave pets at home since this is a dark area with with people walking around enjoying the telescopes. 

If Friday's date is cancelled due to clouds, we will try to reschedule for Saturday.   Please check our website for updates.


Brilliant Venus hugs the western horizon for about an hour after sunset.   We'll have to wait until 9:30 PM for Saturn to make its appearance in the east.   The bright stars of the Summer Triangle are well placed for viewing The Milky Way along with its many nebula and star clusters will be on display for your viewing pleasure.


PLEASE NOTE: If adverse weather is nearby, we may cancel or close earlier.  


Our observing ground gates will open at 7:15 PM. Guests are asked to park on the lot at the large building next to our observing field.  Please try to arrive before 8:45 PM and drive carefully if arriving after dark.  

So that we can better prepared for our guests we would a appreciate an RSVP.  You can use our CONTACT TAB option on the TOP of our website bar. Small family or friends’ groups are welcome, but we cannot accommodate large groups at this time. Children MUST be supervised. Quiet activities for restless kids are beneficial.
  GUESTS - Please RSVP using the CONTACT TAB at the top of our webpage.

Please give us the FIRST & LAST NAME of the primary person.
An EMAIL and contact PHONE number. - Number of - ___ Adults / ___ Children

   If you send an RSVP on Saturday you may not get a reply but you may come anyway.

DONATIONS box is available to help us with the expenses of the observatory.
Suggested Donation is $ 5 per adult, $ 2 Kids under 6 Free. – Cash is best way.



ACT OBSERVATORY directions -  Follow our map directions  DO NOT USE GPS

MOSTLY PAVED ROADS – Hwy 75 to 201st St S – through Mounds OK

Most DIRECT ROUTE – Hwy 75 to 241st St S – some coarse gravel & dirt roads