Event List

March 9 – Members Night & Messier Marathon 5:30 PM

Begins : Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 5:30 PM Central Standard Time

Ends : Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 6:00 AM Central Standard Time

Duration : 11 hours 30 minutes

Members Night and Messier Marathon

Saturday March 9  -  5:30 PM CST     --- Sunset is 6:25 PM

* If you plan to come, please read ALL of this posting *

   You will want to have your equipment fully set up before sunset to catch the early objects.


On Saturday March 9th, our members are invited to our observatory to participate in the Messier Marathon observational challenge.   In the late 1700’s, French astronomer Charles Messier made a catalogue of 110 deep space objects that are visible in moderate sized telescopes.  Near the time of the new moon each March it is possible to observe most, if not all, of these M-objects in a single night.


We invite you to bring your telescope and join us as we track down these hidden treasures of the night sky.   You are welcome whether you just stay to enjoy a few hours of observing or persevere into the wee hours before dawn to find them all.


See our ACT Messier Marathon information sheet for online links to an explanation of the Messier Marathon along with details, star charts, observing sequence lists and log sheets and tips for success.  Be sure to PRINT OFF YOUR LOG SHEETS for recording you finds and a tablet / pencil for writing.


Our club will provide a deli sandwich and fruit buffet plus soft drinks and hot chocolate.   You are encouraged to bring  energy snacks or desserts for yourself and to share if you like.  Weather permitting, we will stay open until sunrise.


So that we will know how many to prepare for Please send your NAME and EMAIL and how many in your group to   Astrotulsa.pres@gmail.com


*** Bring Warm Clothing Layers as temperature can drop sharply during the night.  

      You’ll likely also want a comfortable lawn chair to relax a bit along the way. *** 

The observatory does have an indoor classroom to occasionally warm up and also a restroom.



ACT OBSERVATORY directions -  Follow our map directions  DO NOT USE GPS

MOSTLY PAVED ROADS – Hwy 75 to 201st St S – through Mounds OK

Most DIRECT ROUTE – Hwy 75 to 241st St S – some coarse gravel & dirt roads