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Astronomy Club Meeting Jan 19th 7:00 PM

Begins : Friday, January 19, 2024 at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time

Ends : Friday, January 19, 2024 at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time

Duration : 2 hours

Friday Jan 19, 2024  -  7:00 PM -  Astronomy Club meeting 

    105 E   B  St   Jenks, OK   see map link below 


Each Month during the school year our club holds a general meeting open to both our members and guests.  We meet in the spacious Jenks High School Planetarium which has ample space for social distancing.  At our meetings you can enjoy presentations topics such as current space exploration, astronomical events and on occasion we get the opportunity to preview the latest planetarium production the students are working on. You also can learn more about past, present, and future club events and activities.    


This is a great opportunity for our members and guests to share their enthusiasm for astronomy and learn from each other.     We hope to see you there!


Exoplanets Orbiting other Star Systems

Our vice president, Jonathan Fussell, will be the guest presenter with a presentation about Exoplanets.  Exoplanets are defined as planets orbiting stars other than our Sun.


"What worlds lie just beyond the reach of our solar system? Explore the fascinating subject of Exoplanets with speaker and Vice President Jonathan Fussell as he unpacks how exoplanets are detected, planetary composition, ongoing efforts in exoplanet research, and the future of exoplanet exploration. Jonathan is a recent graduate of Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. While there, he founded and was President of the ORU Astronomy Club and conducted research on the 'Stellar Nucleosynthesis of Phosphorus as a Biosignature."  As of December 2023, there were 5,557 confirmed Exoplanets.


NOTE: If Jenks School System is closed due to weather the event will be cancelled.



The Jenks Planetarium is located at 105 East B St.    

The Planetarium is on the third floor of the Math and Science building.

Parking is on the west side of the building.  If that lot is full there is more on the east side.


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