January 2003

ACT, Inc. has been meeting continuously since 1937 and was incorporated in 1986. It is a nonprofit; tax deductible organization dedicated to promoting, to the public, the art of viewing and the scientific aspect of astronomy.


The Astronomy Club of Tulsa Club


Friday, 17 January, 2003 at 7:30 PM


Room M1 inside Keplinger Hall, the Science & Engineering Building at TU. Enter the parking lot on the East Side of Keplinger Hall from Harvard and 5th Street. This will take you directly toward the staircase to enter the building. Room M1 is the first room on the left.

*Note: If Tulsa Public Schools are closed due to weather, the ACT meeting will also be cancelled.

Presidentís Message

Denny Mishler

Chris Brown, Club Member and Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Tulsa Community College will be our featured speaker at the January meeting. Chris will be speaking to us on "Cosmic Radiation and Everything Hitting the Earth," which is related to the Structure and Evolution of the Universe. Chris grew up in Santa Monica, CA but moved to Tulsa in time to graduate from Edison High School. He then obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees at Northeastern State University with degrees in Math, Physics and Astronomy. Chris carried out additional studies and research at Kitt Peak National Observatory, the Very Large Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico, and Fermi National Physics Laboratory near Chicago. But Chris's first love has been teaching and for 27 years he has taught the subjects of Astronomy and Physics at TCC. He has also been our number 1 recruiter as his enthusiasm for Astronomy results in many of his students joining the Astronomy Club of Tulsa. When he has spoken to us in the past, his presentations have been fun, informative and among the best. Join us and learn the excitement of "Cosmic Radiation and Everything Hitting the Earth" presented by Professor Chris Brown.


Our December meeting featured Astro Artist Robert Daniels who did an original painting that he gave away for our raffle which was won by Amanda Lawrence.The raffle earned the club over $100. My pleas for club members to bring Astronomy and Science related items to use as door prizes was well supported. We were able to give away over 30 door prizes consisting of books, eyepiece cases, a barlow lens, finder scopes, Astronomy calendars and other worthwhile items. It is my hope that member provided door prizes will become a tradition at the December meeting. An overflowing refreshment table was enjoyed at the end of the meeting by the 60 members present.

Schedule of Events

By Gerry Andries

Tentatively scheduled dates below are bracketed with question marks. The number of persons expected is in parenthesis.



01-31-03 Fri 05:30 Club Star Party


02-06-03 Thu 06:15 BA Home School (30)

02-27-03 Thu 06:00 Green Country Sierra Club

02-28-03 Fri 05:45 Club Star Party


03-28-03 Fri 06:00 Club Star Party

Meeting & Star Party Schedule

17 January 2003 - Meeting

31 January 2003 - Members Star Party

21 February 2003 - Meeting

28 February 2003 - Members Star Party

21 March 2003 - Meeting

28 March 2003 - Members Star Party

11 April 2003 - Meeting

2 May 2003 - Members Star Party

16 May 2003 - Meeting

30 May 2003 - Members Star Party

20/21 June 2003 - MRSAL Convention

27 June 2003 - Members Star Party

A primer on timing occultations

A primer on timing occultations, mainly for new observers, is at - it includes information for those who might want to videorecord the occultation. Those who don't have short-wave receivers for WWV or CHU might get a WWVB-controlled alarm clock, such as item 63-964 available for $30 from Radio Shack. You can ensure accurate time by briefly removing the batteries an hour or so before the occultation; that will force the clock to reset using WWVB. You should set the alarm to go off 2 or 3 minutes before the occultation; start your tape recorder (or camcorder used for audio recording before that to record the alarm for a few seconds, then your voiced calls of the occultation disappearance(s) and reappearance(s), and then set the alarm to go off again 1 or 2 minutes in the future, and keep the recording going to record it as well. The audio alarm is accurate to 0.01 sec. or so, but the LCD display has a delay of about 0.1 second at room temperature, and much greater as the temperature approaches or drops below freezing. So use the alarm for timing, not the display, which, however, is useful for keeping track of the time to the nearest second so that you know when to observe (this makes these clocks useful even if you have a short-wave receiver).

Jupiter's 40th Satellite


Last Halloween, while making follow-up observations of known Jovian satellites with a 2.2-meter telescope atop Mauna Kea, Scott S. Sheppard (University of Hawaii) found yet another small member of the planet's extended family. According to IAU CIRCULAR 8035, which announced the discovery on December 23rd, S/2002 J1 has an estimated diameter of only 3 or 4 kilometers and a 748-day retrograde orbit inclined 163 degrees to Jupiter's equator. This new find marks the 23rd Jovian satellite discovered by Sheppard and the planet's 40th overall.




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